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Sudarshanaloka - Land of Beautiful Vision

Sudarshanaloka (meaning "land of beautiful vision") Retreat Centre is situated on New Zealand's picturesque Coromandel Peninsula. Situated in the bush-clad Tararu valley near Thames, the 80 hectare property is home to a community of Buddhist practitioners, a seven metre high stupa, numerous retreat cabins for individual retreat and the beginnings of a major retreat centre facility.

Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre was founded in 1993 by members of the Western Buddhist Order and is administered by the Sudarshanaloka Trust, a registered charitable trust. Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre exists to help people develop wisdom and compassion.

We welcome visitors: to stay in the community, camp on the land, contribute in practical ways to the development of the land and retreat centre, make use of the facilities for solitary retreat, visit the stupa or simply enjoy the many bush walks and elemental beauty of this special place. If you would like to visit or know more please contact us.

View From SudarshanalokaStupa At The River